Bioactivity is rated as the amount of the positive charge held by a particle (molecule) which is the result of the presence of a greater number of protons than electrons in that molecule. The "best" form of a Colloidal Silver molecule has 15 more protons than electrons giving it a plus 15 rating i.e it can destroy fifteen bacteria /viruses etc. before loosing its bioactive properties.


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Similar reactors, not the less sophisticated reactor technology used by NASA on the International Space Station, is used to make Bionaid

  Bionaid™ Trioxysilver™ Professional, Burk-Elder: Hale, Third and our manufacturing company has been recommended by an Honorable Representative (retired from the U.S. Congress and an expert in the field of silver hydrosol technology) on his official website as the best silver hydrosol in the world.

  Interested companies and governments considering investing in the world's most advanced silver-ozone hydrosol for emergency preparedness may contact Elder at 423-313-4699 for the protected username and password for the official website about us and the product. For all other inquiries about Bionaid and ZeoHeal, including donations and shipments, call 706-937-7379 M-F/9am-5pm EDT, to get the main office staff. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ.

  New advances in Bionaid™ - UPCOSH™, now a permanently stablized "trioxysilver / silver ozone water" (AgO3 molecule in "The Water" by Dan Nelson featured at The River Bank™) continues to set the standard in specialty waters and will continue to be processed by BHI MFG. No other "Bion" brand name contains our superior technology (click underlined link to see the new Bionaid White Paper) that has literally baffled conventional physicists.

Our one-of-a-kind reactor technology creates the best silver hydrosol in the world!

Our technology makes the world safer.

  It has never been our interest in comparing our products with other products (there is no comparison because covalent bonded silver and ozone is the ultimate "silver product" solution), yet too much misleading disinformation has been placed on the world wide web by highly competitive companies craving your money about covalent-bonded ionic silver-ozone (AgO3) that must be addressed. The makers of Mesosilver, Sovereign Silver, Super Silver Solution (the top-selling store-retailed silver product compared below), ASAP, Utopia Advanced Silver, Oxy-Silver nor any other silver supplement manufacturers have registered to claim our reward. The (dis)information at has totally misrepresented covalent-bonded ionic silver-ozone (AgO3). Yet none of these manufacturers or "experts" have taken us up on the challenge (They do not even want to name Bionaid specifically when they do comparisons). "We could waste our time trying to identify each one and then prove that we are better than each and every one of them, but why do this?" - American Biotech Labs (makers of ASAP). We have ten-million reasons why American Biotech Labs should prove it - The reward sas been raised to $10,000,000.00 IN GOLD and never claimed. We've made our point after four years and no one registering for the reward.

The best selling/hyped-up Sovereign Silver honestly compared to THE BEST - Bionaid!

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Updates From Elder:

UPDATE 11-11-11: New Program - The River Bank is now open for business!

UPDATE 8-11-11: Interviews of Elder and Nurse Practioner Cynthia Barrington, Article By Denmark's Top Health Reporter, Conscious Water Video:

Progressive Radio Interview 6-17-11

Progressive Radio Interview 6-10-11

Denmark's Top Health Reporter Praises Bionaid

UPDATE 2-22-11: Bionaid & ZeoHeal Upgraded & Improved with ORMUS waveforms and more - Ready To Ship! Press Release, Bionaid in Guatemala:

Urgent Press Release About Vaccines!

Bionaid Used In Humanitarian Relief Effort In Guatemala - By Sri & Kira

Bion Plus has been developed, studied

Elder is proud to offer one of the best bioavailable products currently on the market.

and t

Our water molecules consist of tetrahedrons, octahedrons and tetrahedron-stellated octahedrons wherein the tetrahedrons are attached to the octahedron faces like the graphic here.

Our product is supported by Phoenix Voyage!


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